About Lieberman Boutique

Lieberman Tranchemontagne Inc. decided to launch in July 2019 an online boutique dedicated to its most loved products in hotel rooms. Indeed, LT realized over the years that often guests called after a stay to buy the sheets, pillows, bathrobes, etc. they had loved during their stay at their hotel.

Lieberman Boutique helps you by continuing the hotel experience at your home!

About Lieberman Tranchemontagne Inc.

Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. is a Canadian supplier for the hospitality and passenger transportation industries. We offer excellent hospitality products and our reputation is to offer exceptionally reliable service. Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. is the indispensable intermediary to simplify hotel supply management needs and ensure the comfort of hotel guests.

In order to assure unique support to our clients, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. acts simultaneously as a manufacturer, importer, and distributor. Thanks to its network of partners, Lieberman Tranchemontagne inc. guarantees the quality of its products and the completion of its business engagements.

History of the company

  • It is in 1892 that Charles-Xavier Tranchemontagne opens his importation business of woolen material and cloths, in Old Montreal. The business then took the name of C.X Tranchemontagne & Cie ltée.
  • In the 1940s, the Lieberman family founded Lieberman Linens, a business specialized in the importation, distribution, and manufacturing of products dedicated to hotels and restaurants. Respected within the industry and among clients, the name Lieberman became s symbol of quality.
  • In 1979, the Lieberman business is sold to M. André L'Africain, who then takes the governance of the almost century-old business.
  • In 1981, C. X. Tranchemontagne & Cie ltée and Lieberman Linens two family-owned businesses join forces to create Lieberman Tranchemontagne Inc.
  • Marc-André L'Africain is now the proud owner of LT. He makes a point of honor in valuing the principles of Les Toiles Lieberman and honors Mr. Tranchemontagne by preserving the quality and reliability established by its founders.